What is Portugal known for: a brief guide

Join us as we have a look at some of the varied and different things Portugal is very well renowned for.

Portugal is a really compact country but is somewhat well-known for being really excellent at doing all sorts of things. Take food as an example – Portugal does food very well. A great deal of its food is very simple and basic, but consistently delicious and enjoyable. Several of its delicacies are iconic all over the world. Truthfully, who doesn’t love those mouth watering little custard tarts that the country is so famous for? Its flame grilled chicken with spice influences from Mozambique is also truly popular. An additional thing Portugal does seriously well is wine, all types of wine! Whether it's port or the more easy-drinking green variety, Portuguese wine is not merely excellent but also quite economically friendly. Sogevinus Fine Wines' CEO recognizes just how much potential the country’s wine has and is hoping to capitalize on the wave of its rising prevalence.

So, just what is Portugal known for producing? A good number of things may pop into your head. There are obvious things like food and wine and even golf courses. However, do you know that Portugal is the world’s largest producer of cork? If you did not, you do now! They produce a great deal of it, that you can come across fashion items made completely of cork. A cork handbag is definitely something you gotta have in your cupboard. Portugal is also well known around the globe for producing a very top quality of soccer. Some of the world’s greatest footballers have come from the compact nation and that's rather an accomplishment given the limited population. The country has three important clubs, conveniently recognizable by the colours they play in. Red, blue and green. The green club is situated in the Portuguese capital of Lisbon and is famous for one of the best youth academies around. Sporting CP's president is proud to be part of a club with such a rich and successful history.

Portugal does multiple things really well. Food and soccer will instantly spring to mind for a lot of people, but something a lot of people don’t realise is that the country also is one of the leading nations in developing renewable energy, even though the country is so compact. The importance of renewable energy to the world can’t be neglected. Let's be honest, it's the way of the future. EDP’s activist shareholder understands the importance of renewable energy, hence its significant financial investment in the enterprise. Another thing Portugal does well is extremely emotionally charged, moving music. Fado, an ancient type of heartbreaking vocal singing made popular in taverns and pubs on the streets of Lisbon. It's legendary and a tourist attraction simply on its own. The melodies, which often communicate mourning or sadness over a loss of love, are genuinely moving - even for folks who don’t understand the words.

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